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Programs give you one on one interaction with me. In each of my programs, we will evaluate where you are and set your goals based on the results you want to achieve. Sessions will provide education on what foods will help you achieve those results and what foods will hold you back. How it all works together, your food, your body! And how to effectively plan, shop and prep your meals, set your weekly goals and implement changes you will stick with. My recipes are easy to follow and execute. My enthusiasm for healthy eating is contagious. Your program tailored around your goals! I've worked with clients with autoimmune disease, fibromyalgia, weight loss, athletes, or if you just need some guidance about what to habits to keep and what habits to kiss goodbye! Work with me!


Kickstarter Program

Kickstart your healthy eating habits. My Kickstarter plan includes 3 consultations. My Kickstarter Includes:

  • 3 Consultation Sessions with Complete Education on Food & Body Awareness
  • 21 day Eating Plan
  • Recipe Book
  • Easy Shopping Lists
  • Access to my Exclusive Facebook Sugar Shaker Support Group
  • Unlimited email support

I've found that during these initial consultations, most clients find a missing piece of information that has completely changed the way they eat and the way they feel. Motivated and dedicated clients find the Kickstarter a great way to getting on track with their health goals!


6 Weeks to Success

Includes the Kickstarter Program in your first week plus weekly follow up sessions to take you through 6 weeks of coaching! The Success plan, follows up with you weekly in 30-minute sessions where we check in and see how you’re doing, go over meal planning and goals setting. Each session provides continuing education, and accountability to stay on track with your goals. Face to face is my preference for these sessions, but Skype, FaceTime, phone calls or email sessions are also available. If accountability is what you need to keep on track, this program will keep you there and motivated! 

12 Weeks to a New Attitude 

Includes the Kickstarter Program in your first week, plus 11 Follow-up Sessions to take you through an entire 12 weeks of coaching! With my most comprehensive New Attitude plan, we have weekly 30-minute follow up sessions where we will check in with you, provide additional education for success in the areas of food prep, meal planning and goal setting. Coaching you through obstacles and helping you to adjust to your new way of eating! Holding you accountable to your goals and taking into account that goals change, updating them with your results! To ensure long term success, this is the best program for you.

Meal Plans

Ketogenic Eating Plan for Weight Loss

The ketogenic diet involves a reduction in carbohydrates and a simultaneous increase the amount of fat a person consumes. This combination, followed correctly through a strict meal plan, will shift the body's metabolism away from burning sugar and carbohydrates as fuel,  to actually burning stored fat in the form of ketones that are manufactured in the liver. When the body is using ketones as a fuel source, it is in ketosis, burning stored fat for fuel, while helping to increase insulin sensitivity, helping to reduce inflammation and of course the ultimate goal, Weight Loss. 

There's so much mis-information about a Ketogenic diet that most of the nutritional value gets lost in translation. That won't happen here. I've created a community for support and on-going education and a Guide to help you understand the plan, set your goals and get you on your way. Get started today for a Special New Year Price of $49, that includes a 1 year membership to my Ketogenic community and online courses. 

Whole Foods Clean Eating Meal Plan

My First and favored for many clients, this plan follows an anti-inflammatory, moderate carbs, high fat approach. Without putting restrictions on Macros, you eat as much as you want of foods that are naturally nutrient dense. Foods that are also naturally low in carbs (and calories) and full of healthy fats. Most clients experience weight loss, but at a slow steady pace. The effects of eating a whole food, plant dominant diet are felt immediately through clear skin, mental clarity, better digestion and overall vitality. The special introductory New Year Price includes a 1 year membership to my Healthy Eating community with online courses, recipes and more.