My programs give you one on one interaction with me, keep you engaged over a period of time and provide accountability to reach your goals. In working with me, we will evaluate where you are and set your goals based on the results you want to achieve, and what's currently going on in your life. Sessions will provide education on:

  • What foods will help you achieve those results and what foods will hold you back
  • How it all works together, your food, your body!
  • How to effectively plan, shop and prep your meals, set your weekly goals and implement changes you will stick with.
  • What other areas of your life you might need to address to reach the results you want

I offer a recipe book with easy to follow and execute recipes. My enthusiasm for healthy eating is wonderfully contagious. This is your program tailored around your goals!

I've worked with clients with autoimmune disease, fibromyalgia, weight loss, athletes, and children. If you have something specific to address, or if you just need some guidance about what habits to keep and what habits to kiss goodbye, I'm ready with the answers you need to be able to create your lifestyle of health and wellness.


Kickstarter Coaching Program

Motivated, disciplined and committed clients find the Kickstarter Program a great way to align their eating habits with their overall health goals! This Program Package Includes:

  • 3 Sessions over the course of 6 Weeks.
  • Complete Video Lecture Series covering Nutrition and integration of a healthy mindset into your lifestyle
  • My Recipe Book
  • Shopping List Sampler
  • Support on finding the right meal plan for your body and your lifestyle
  • Studio Nutrition Workshops
  • Unlimited email support

I've found that during the initial consultations included in the Kickstarter Program, most clients find a missing piece of information that has completely changed the way they eat and the way they feel. Many clients continue on to one of the longer programs. 


Midline Coaching Program

When you need a little more than the Kickstarter Coaching Program to build  healthy habits into your lifestyle, then this Program me be the answer for you. 

Starting with the basics, we continue the coaching over the course of 3 months,  where we check in and see how you’re doing, go over meal planning and goals setting. Each session provides continuing education, and accountability to stay on track with your goals.

Face to face is my preference for these sessions, but Skype, FaceTime, phone calls or email sessions are also available. If accountability is what you need to keep on track, this program will keep you there and motivated! 

Complete Coaching Program 

When you decide to make positive change to your overall well being, you’ll need someone who has your back through the easy and difficult times. 

The Complete Coaching Program covers 6 months of coaching. In my experience, this covers just about any event that may pop up in your life to challenge your commitment, and gives you the toolset to work through these obstacles and carry on with your commitment to your health. 

My most comprehensive Program begins with the Kickstarter Program and continues over the course of 6 months with 2 scheduled sessions per month where we will check in with you, provide additional education for success in any areas as well as Coaching you through obstacles and helping you to adjust to your new way of eating! Holding you accountable to your goals and taking into account that goals change, updating them with your results! 

To ensure long term success, this is the best program for you.